An excellent place to start is Swiss Genealogy on the Internet (http://www.swissgenealogie.ch/news-m.htm), a multilingual page.

Another valuable online resource is Men of Bern (http://www.pictonpress.com/Swiss_Surnames.htm) which lists the surnames mentioned in the 1798 "census" of military-aged males in Canton Bern. The print publication gives full names, ages, villages, and occupations in most cases.

For almost all genealogical purposes in Switzerland, you need to know where your family lived or had citizenship. The standard reference for this is "Swiss Surnames, A Complete Register," in three volumes, edited by Emil & Clothilde Meier et al. Some excellent genealogical libraries don't own this book, and some local libraries in Swiss-settled areas do. Of course people did sometimes live in places where they didn't have citizenship, but if all you have is a surname this will really help narrow your search.