Société de généalogie canadienne-française - SGCF

Founded in 1943 by Father Archange Godbout, the Société généalogique canadienne-française (SGCF) is one if not the largest existing francophone genealogical society. Since its foundation, the Society has gathered thousands of documents that are available for consultation at the Maison de la généalogie in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). It also organizes conferences, congresses, lectures, courses and publishes Mémoires. The SGCF has, to this day, more than 3780 active members.

Société généalogique canadienne-française
3440 Davidson
Montreal (Québec) H1W 2Z5

Telephone: (514) 527-1010
Fax: (514) 527-0265

EMail: (Due to the proliferation of spams and viruses, only the emails mentioning "genealogy" in the message title will be opened.)