Published obituaries can be a valuable source of information. Often parents’ names, spouses, children and surviving siblings are shown. This is especially valuable if you are unable to locate information on your ancestor and don’t have the female siblings’ married names. Generally, if listed at all, it is with their then present married name, giving you another piece of information to allow you to continue your search.

Obituaries may be found in the "morgue" of the local newspapers, historical libraries in various cities and counties, and some public libraries have film or online databases for obituaries, marriages and death notices.

Some online obituary databases:
  • shows only recent obituaries in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Florida, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Georgia, New Hampshireand Vermont.
  • shows only newer obituaries from major city newspapers
  • also shows recent obituaries
  • Dexter, Maine and surrounding towns, 1900-1943
  • Cemetery Junction - A list of links to United States newspapers with online obituaries categorized by state.
  • Dead People Server - A list of interesting celebrities who are long dead, recently dead or even plausibly dead!
  • Good Bye! - The Journal of Contemporary Obituaries. Good Bye! is an opinionated quarterly magazine which chronicles the dead – famous, infamous and non-famous. NOTE: This site has not been updated for more than two years.
  • The Obituary Daily Times - Features a daily list of published obituaries from around the world. You can receive it via daily email (about 2500 obituaries per day) or search the archives online.
  • Obituary Central - Online obituaries, cemetery inscriptions, search engines for finding obituaries and much more.
  • Cyndi's List - See the obituaries page.
  • Obituary Search Portal and Newspaper Obituaries - Search engine for old obituaries in many sources across the web plus directories of links to newspapers, obituary search engines and indexes  for the United States.
  • Obituary Indexes and Search Engines - Features a guide to United States obituary indexes and databases found online.
  • Newspaper Abstracts - Contains over 32,000 news items, including obituaries, dating back to the early 1800's.  The site continues to grow with the addition of hundreds of new articles each month.
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