Ontario Genealogical Society

The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) was founded in 1961 to encourage, bring together and assist all those interested in the pursuit of family history, especially in the province of Ontario, Canada.

The OGS includes both a provincial office, and thirty Branches, centred on geographical divisions in Ontario (counties, regions). The largest of these Branches is the Toronto Branch, with close to 800 members. To find out which Branch covers a particular city, county or district (either current or historical), see the OGS Ontario Locator tool.

The OGS also has three Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which are groups of members with an interest in a particular topic, such as a geographic location outside Ontario or an ethnic or cultural group. There are currently three SIGs: British Home Child, Ireland, and Irish Palatine. Currently, there is some interest in forming a Scottish SIG. If you are interested, contact the Provincial Office.

The OGS site contains a useful article on How To Research Your Family History.

See http://www.ogs.on.ca/