The modern, anglicized, name of an ancient Irish family. The original, Gaelic, name is given as MaoilMichil, and is translated literally as the "servant of St. Michael". Many spelling variants to both names may be seen to exist in the literature, as well as the further anglicized variants Mulville, Melville, and even Mitchell.

The name apparently arose in the 9-11th Century, as referenced in such legendary sources as "The Annals of The Four Masters". The Mulvihills were members of the Corca Achlann tribe located in present day County Roscommon, and shared leadership of that tribe with the MacBranans (later Brennans). They were evicted from Roscommon in 1416 by the O'Connors and migrated south, forming a number of clusters in Longford, Galway, Clare, Kerry, and Limerick.

The seat of the Clan was in Knockanira, Co. Clare in the 19th Century.

The clan is currently represented by the registered Clan Mulvihill.

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