Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants

An historical and genealogical society of descendants of the Mayflower passengers

The purpose of this society is to gather together to honor and perpetuate the memory of our Mayflower Ancestors and the ideals of American freedoms and democracy, which have evolved from The Mayflower Compact signed by the Pilgrim Fathers when they reached Cape Cod shores in November, 1620.

Historical Preservation Activities:

To research, collect, preserve and publish the story and genealogy of those Mayflower Passengers and their Descendants.

Genealogical Support

To enable and assist adults and children to connect with their Mayflower ancestry through our library, genealogical records and professional direction.

Society Meetings

To provide opportunity for Mayflower Descendants, their guests and prospective members to meet, learn, enjoy and share fellowship with Mayflower "cousins."

Three Informative and fun Society Meetings are held each year:
  • March/April, for our Annual Meeting, election of officers and program.
  • June/July, a fun and family time, a visit to Plymouth, an excursion or boat trip.
  • November when we celebrate "Compact Day" with an emphasis on Mayflower themes and a calling of the roll of Descendants of Mayflower Passengers.
The society's web site may be found at