Locke Family Association

The Locke Family Association was founded in 1891 by descendants of Captain John and Elizabeth (Berry) Locke who settled at Locke's Neck in the middle of the Seventeenth Century. In 1898, a desire to make the Association a permanent organization led the members to incorporate under the laws of the State of New Hampshire. They believe they are the oldest incorporated organization of this type in the United States.

This family organization puts as great an emphasis on the fellowship of modern Locke descendants as on the traditional genealogical pursuits of collecting and publishing data and preserving Locke artifacts. They hold a annual family reunion to celebrate the family's accomplishments in August, usually in Rye, New Hampshire, and have done so since their founding without fail, even through two world wars. Over 300 cousins attended their 100th reunion in 1990 and over 100 cousins commemorated the 300th anniversary of the death of their progenitor, Captain John Locke in 1996.

The society's website is available at http://www.lockefamilyassociation.org.