International Genealogical Index

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) is a database created by the Family History Library. It contains approximately 600 million names of deceased individuals. An addendum to the International Genealogical Index contains an additional 125 million names. These names have been patron submitted or extracted from thousands of original birth, christening and marriage records.

Care should be taken in distinguishing IGI entries drawn from original records, and those drawn from published genealogies or family group sheets.  Checking the "Source Call No." or "Source Information" for a given entry will generally allow the user to learn where the information came from, and to judge the inherent reliability of the source.  Since the IGI is only an index, it should never be considered conclusive proof of any name, date, or relationship it asserts.  It is the indexed records themselves which the genealogist should consult and rely upon.