House of Boyd

The House of Boyd tracks its origins to Dol de Bretangne. History records Dukes and Counts of Bretange from 383 up to 980 A.D. where the genealogy finds Sir Alan Fitz Alan, who was knighted, 1020 A.D. Sir Alan Fitz Alan was Senechal de Dol, Dol de Bretange, France. Going down the line, we find Jordan Fitz Alan, who was knighted 1040 A.D.. Sir Jordan Fitz Alan was Senechal de Dol, Dol de Bretange, France. Sir Jordan Fitz Alan's second son, Sir Flaald Fitz Jordan was knighted 1070 A.D. Sir Flaald Fitz Jordan 's son, Sir Alan Fitz Flaald was knighted 1114 A.D., was Senechal de Dol, Dol de Bretange, France.

From this line descends the Fitz Alan, Howard, Stewart and Boyd Noble Families. Thus began the House of Boyd. The first record of the name Boyd was in 1205, with Robertus de Boyd (Sir Robert Boyd.)

The House of Boyd continues today, under the Hereditary Chief,Alistair Ivor Gilbert Boyd, Lord Kilmarnock, 7th Baron, Kilmarnock. It is out of respect for the Chief's wishes that the organization formed to support activities, was called not "clan" but House of Boyd. Most Scottish games venues, however do refer to House of Boyd as Clan Boyd. And as Lord Lyon refers to Lord Kilmarnock as Chief of the Clan, Lord Kilmarnock has conceded that we kinsman may be referred to as "clan Boyd." Lord Kilmarnock has only sanctioned one Boyd group, and that is what is known as House of Boyd Society. At that time he stated that the President of the Society to be his personal representative. Banners at the Scottish Games and Gatherings announce "House of Boyd."

House of Boyd Society aka "Clan Boyd"

The House of Boyd Society was founded at the Stone Mountain Highland Games in Georgia, USA, on October 15, 1988. It was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 1999 in the State of Delaware. The "Confido Emblem", which is part of the Boyd family coat-of-arms, is designated as the official seal of The Society. The Society assists members with their genealogical research of the Boyd family and maintains a genealogical database of the Boyd family lines of its members. It promotes and sponsors State, Regional, National and International Gatherings of the Boyd family. It promotes and perpetuates Scottish heritage, customs and traditions. Membership is open to those researching Boyd genealogy and those interested in Scottish heritage.

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