Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

The Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia was formed on June 19, 1982 and had its genesis in a standing genealogical committee of The Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society (founded in 1878). The by-laws conform to the Societies Act administered by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies for the Province of Nova Scotia.

Membership in the Association stands at about 600, approximately one third of whom live in Nova Scotia, one third in the rest of Canada and one third in the United States. Membership is open to all who value the Association's objects:

  • To collect and preserve genealogical material;

  • To promote the study of genealogy and family history in Nova Scotia;

  • To further ethical practices, scientific and effective techniques of genealogical research;

  • To publish and distribute genealogical materials;

  • To acquire by way of grant, gift, purchase, bequest, devise or otherwise, real and personal property and to use and apply such property to the realization of the objects of the Association;

  • and to buy, own, hold, lease, mortgage, sell and convey such real and personal property as may be necessary or desirable in the carrying out of the objects of the Association.

The Association is a member of the Nova Scotia Genealogy Network Association, the Genealogical Institute of the Maritimes, the Association of Nova Scotia Museums and the Council of Nova Scotia Archives.

The Association exchanges publications with many other societies and libraries. These periodicals are on loan to The Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library Reference Departent (5381 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia) where members and the public may consult them.

There are in addition many other individuals, societies and associations with web pages on the internet that relate to genealogy in Nova Scotia.

Research Advice

The Association has no research staff but relies on a network of volunteers.

For those seeking research service on a fee basis a list of certified genealogists and certified genealogical record searchers is available. These individuals work for an hourly or contract fee; the Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia assumes no responsibility for their work.