GENTECH is the name of a division of the National Genealogical Society (NGS) whose mission is to bridge genealogy and technology and teach the practical application of technology in genealogical research. GENTECH was originally an independent organization, organized as a non-profit, all-volunteer corporation with headquarters in Irving, Texas. The organization's domain name was and GENTECH had a website at

GENTECH became a division of NGS on 31 July 2002. Under the plan for consolidation approved by the boards of directors of GENTECH and NGS, the GENTECH board became NGS's GENTECH Advisory Committee, GENTECH was given a designated member of the NGS board and a staff member at NGS headquarters in Virginia. The consolidation plan was to continue traditional GENTECH activities, projects, and educational activities.1

Since 1993, GENTECH had sponsored an annual conference in January or February.3 At the time the merger was announced, NGS also announced the cancellation of the GENTECH 2003 conference and announced that GENTECH 2004 would be held in St. Louis. It was stated that the 2003 conference preparation was over budget, behind schedule, and had a "disturbing...extreme lack of standard financial controls."1 In 2005 a combined NGS GENTECH conference was held in Nashville.3 In 2007, the NGS conference featured a GENTECH luncheon.2

As of August 2008 GENTECH's current web home is located at on the NGS website. The NGS website lists three GENTECH projects:

  1. The GENTECH genealogical data model, of which the last version, 1.1, was dated 29 May 2000.
  2. The GEDCOM TestBook Project, which was revised in July 2001.
  3. The GENTECH Scholarship Program. According to the website, the last scholarships awarded were in 2001.


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