GED2HTML is a desktop software program for converting GEDCOM files to a format viewable on the internet.  GED2HTML creates many static html files based on a number of user-specified options.  It uses a specialized output language to create the files; experienced users can modify the standard output program to produce customized pages.  A good example of a website using GED2HTML with a modified output program is the Phelps Family History in America.

Here is a description of GED2HTML from its website at :

GED2HTML is a program that inputs genealogical data in GEDCOM format, and outputs a collection of HTML files suitable for presentation on the World Wide Web. The input format it accepts is based on the GEDCOM 5.5 standard. The output produced consists of HTML files containing the individual data, an index suitable for quickly locating an individual by name, an auxiliary surname index with links to the first individual with each surname, and a special index file suitable for use by automatic indexing programs. . The output is highly configurable. Each data file can contain a single individual or multiple individuals. Either a hierarchical or a flat index can be specified. Files can be organized into subdirectories or a flat collection. In addition, the HTML output is programmable, so that the format of the HTML files can be changed by the user.