Familypedia is a free genealogical wiki that aims to have a separate article for every individual who has ever died and (subject to privacy controls) some who are still alive. By January 2012 it had over 108,000 articles, more than half of which are about individuals.

There are thousands of linked pages about places and major events and organizations, some overlapping with eogen, but the emphasis is on individuals and their linkages and personal stories. Contributors are invited to write up their complete family histories for posterity.

Software is basically the same as for Wikipedia; but there are some enhancements such as Semantic MediaWiki, including clever ways of linking to relatives' pages, displaying updated ancestry trees, and minimizing retyping. The licensing is the same as that on Wikipedia.

Familypedia has been the "Wiki of the Month" on the Semantic MediaWiki website, and received a 17-paragraph, largely favorable review from Dick Eastman on Remembrance Day 2010.