Everton Publishers

Founded in 1947, Everton Publishers has been involved in continuing education, research, and publishing. Around the turn of the millenium, major changes were made to their magazine "Everton's Genealogical Helper." Changing the name and the time-honored format was innovative, but unsuccessful. The company floundered under management that no longer included the Everton family.

Concerned genealogists and others from Logan City Utah sought to keep the company, which has been an institution in the genealogical world, from disappearing. Toward the end of 2004 Everton's changed hands.

Under the new ownership and management of a group of experienced and dedicated genealogists and publishers, Everton provides all the content and methodology that  it previously did, the latest in online and digital research technology, and the previously unavailable content of the Everton Genealogical Library.

Visit their web site: http://www.everton.com

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