Copyrights Claimed by the Encyclopedia of Genealogy

Because the information contained here is contributed by many people, the Encyclopedia of Genealogy makes no copyright claims to the information provided. The information contained herein belongs to all genealogists. You are free to use this information elsewhere as you wish.

However, we do suggest that you give a brief reference as to where you found the information, such as a source citation of: "Encyclopedia of Genealogy," or when referring to a specific term such as GEDCOM, "Encyclopedia of Genealogy,"

When you contribute information to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy, please contribute only items that you have a legal right to post. That is, the information must be words that you wrote or information that is in the public domain or that you otherwise have a legal right to republish.

Can I copyright the information that I contribute?

That is not practical. Keep in mind that others can edit the information that you provide and may do so. Also, there is no mechanism to control the dissemination of information that you publicly post on the Encyclopedia of Genealogy. We suggest that you only post information here that you wish to share with the entire genealogical community and that anyone within that community is free to use as they wish.

Our advice is simple: "If you want to retain copyright of your words, please do not contribute those words to the Encyclopedia of Genealogy."