Clan Crawford Association

The Association was incorporated 20 JUN 2006 in the United States.



Who is a member of the Crawford Clan/Family? According to the Lyon Court:

  • Anyone surnamed Crawford who can trace their lineage into the Chief’s lineage can be a Clan member.
  • Anyone surnamed Crawford but who cannot trace their lineage into the Chief’s line can be an “indeterminate cadet.”
  • Anyone (not of blood or surname) who is adopted into the Clan/Family by letter from the Chief can be a Clan member.
  • A woman who marries out of her Clan/Family is no longer a member of her former surname Clan/Family. And her children have no claim to her former Clan/Family. But a woman who marries into the Crawford surname can become an associate of the Clan through marriage.
  • Just joining a Clan/Family society or lineage society that bears the surname does not make someone a member of that clan. The late Lord Lyon, Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, in his book Scots Heraldry, suggested that the Chief of a Clan present a qualified member of the Clan/lineage society with a numbered membership certificate bearing his title, heraldic arms, and signature, as a sign that the individual is an accepted member in the Clan/Family, not just a member of the Clan society. This procedure can be followed by the Clan Crawford Association but should specifically note the Association.

Association Membership

The scope of this web site is limited to membership in the Association. If you wish to seek membership in the Association after reviewing the details below, then you may begin the petition process at the bottom of this page.

Association membership categories include:

  • Registered: Can vote and may hold office. Surname Crawford by birth, adoption, or marriage.
  • Full: Can vote and may hold office. Is a Crawford by descent through either parent by birth or legal adoption.
  • Associate: Cannot vote or hold office. An individual accepted as a member by the Association who is not of Crawford descent. Would include individuals wanting to access clan archive for purposes of research.
  • Youth: Cannot vote or hold office. Under 18 years old, only with parent/guardian permission.
  • Honorary: Cannot vote or hold office. By approval of the Board of Directors.


Benefits of Association membership flow in both directions. There is no question that binding together in numbers strengthens the ability of the Association to accomplish the incorporated goals. You must ask yourself if you wish to participate in reaching those goals. These goals include recording various lineages and preserving surname history as well as assisting in the identification of a new Clan Chief. On the other hand, the Association has the knowledge and experience to assist its members in participating in local Scottish cultural events. The Association has limited conventional genealogical resources. The Association is participating in the Crawford Y-DNA Surname Project to help sort out surname lineages. The Association can assist in petitioning the Lyon Court for personal Arms. And the Association has negotiated with a worldwide retailer a 10% discount on Scottish and Clan items for purchase.

Association membership fee categories are shown below. The invoice is processed through PayPal ™. If you don't have a PayPal ™ account then you may pay directly with any major credit card. IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES THEN PAY IN US$. IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE US THEN PAY IN UK£. With Lyon Court expenditures planned, funds in UK£ will avoid further currency conversion charges. The Canadian and Australian amounts shown below approximate the continually changing currency conversion rate.

Gift memberships purchased by another party for an individual or family are purchased with an identical process in the links below. The only difference in the process is to enter a message in the Gift Message pop up box on the link below the item on the invoice. Include the name of the person and their post and email addresses.

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