Centre for English Local History

The Centre for English Local History, then known as the Department of English Local History, was organized by Dr. W.G. Hoskins in 1948 at what was then the University College of Leicester and is now called the University of Leicester.

The centre is internationally renowned for the techniques it has developed in studying local and regional history. Many of their projects are of great value to English genealogists, such as the English Surnames Survey, Medieval Palaeography, and Early-Modern Palaeography. For over 50 years, graduate students from the MA course have produced quality dissertations of interest to both local and family historians. Noted genealogists among their alumni include B.S. Elliott (Canadian), David Hey (English), Nathan W. Murphy (American), George Redmonds (English), and Denis Stuart (English). Click here for a list of past dissertations. In addition, English Local History: The Leicester Approach a Departmental Bibliography and History 1948-1998 (Friends of the Department of English Local History, 1999), a 200-page bibliography identifying over 2,500 books, articles, and papers published by staff and alumni, is available for purchase.

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