Census U. K. 1841

1841 Sunday 6 June
(PRO Class Reference HO107)

The householder was to complete their individual household schedules recording who was in their household during the period Sunday night to Monday morning. On the morning after census night, the census enumerators collected the household schedules

What is on the 1841 Census record?

Column 1Place, i.e. address
Column 2Houses; separate columns for uninhabited or being built and inhabited
Column 3Names
Column 4Age; separate columns for males and females
Column 5Profession, trade, employment or of independant means
Column 6Where born; whether born in same county (Y or N), whether born in Scotland (S), Ireland (I), or foreign parts (F)
The 1841 census is the first useful genealogical census for England & Wales. You will see that no relationships are given - except occasionally in column 5 where you may see Farmer's Wife or similar. All ages 15 and above should have been rounded down to the nearest 5 year multiple, i.e. ages shown as 15 may be 15-19, ages shown as 20 may be 20-24, etc. Another point to remember for ages is that people often said that they "were in their 60th year" meaning that they had passed their 59th birthday. If a person gave information meaning they were in their 60th year, they will be shown as being 60, whereas strictly keeping to the rules, they should be recorded as 55.