Annals of Genealogical Research

The Annals of Genealogical Research is an open access, online journal that publishes short to medium-length articles reporting the results of genealogical and historical research. All articles are fully accessible on the internet and have very specific subjects, mostly centering on a particular family or progenitor of a family. General interest articles, for example "how to" articles, are typically not published here. The Annals was started due to a perceived lack of an appropriate online forum for publishing the results of genealogical research:

"...Although there are a good number of genealogical journals available in print form, there are not many accessible via the internet. This lack seemed much in need of correction...."

Of particular concern to the publishers of the Annals is the lack of proper citations in most of the genealogical research that is been published on the internet:

"...For research to be useful to others, it needs to be acompanied by traceable references (not just 'Bob's gedcom'). A side effect of this, but an important one, is that documentation helps to give credit where it is due, which encourages further sharing."

Publication began in 2005 and four issues are currently available. The Annals is published by genealogist Robert S. Shaw out of Cupertino, California (USA).